Flex-Pass will provide purchasers with 3 admissions which can now be applied to any show(s) they choose!

The Flex-Pass program offers virtually unlimited flexibility for those who elect to take advantage of it.

  1. Use a Flex-Pass just like a traditional season subscription, i.e. a ticket to each of our 2018-2019 productions.

  2. Unable to attend one of our shows? No problem! With a Flex-Pass, you can use the third ticket to bring a guest to one production. Or, with a Flex-Pass and one extra ticket, a couple can attend two of the three shows and still save $10.

  3. Share the cost of a Flex-Pass with two friends, and use all 3 admissions to attend a single performance together.

  4. Families can purchase two or three Flex-Passes (saving $10 on each) and distribute the 6 or 9 admissions over our three shows any way they like.

  5. Consider purchasing a Flex-Pass as a gift for a theatre-lover.


The following Flex-Pass conditions will apply:

  • Advance ticket reservations (through the box office) for all prepaid performances are still highly recommended.  Seating is based on availability, so reserve your seats early.

  • The Flex-Pass is only valid for the season it is purchased and expires on Aug. 1, 2019.


Here’s how it will work. For each $50 Flex-Pass purchased, you will

receive a card like the one shown, but with three of the circles

(reflecting your indicated show choices) already shaded in.

Simply reserve your seat(s) in advance through the box office, and

present your card(s) at the theatre, where the relevant shaded

circle(s) will be punched.

Note that Flex-Pass cards are also fully transferable! If for any reason you are unable to attend a selected performance, a friend can take your place provided a seat has been reserved (or is still available) and they present your card at the theatre.


flex-pass 2018.jpg

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