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2023 - 2024 SEASON



Early Spring 2024

This play explores identity, family, place, connection, and estrangement, the act of being a stranger in a place of belonging, and the mixing of many cultures in the economic shift between the fur trade and the forestry and rail industries..  It is about a mother and her daughter, their lives through massive shifts.  Their positions and identities throw them into a crushing sense of time towards starvation.  This play is also about resourcefulness and resilience.  It is a play about Indigenous success and capability.

A Coproduction with Hiraeth Collective, Written and Directed by Terre Chartard

Presented at The Village – Canadore College

January 25 – 27, 2024 & February 2 – 3, 2024

Hamlet Cha, Cha, Cha!

May 1-5,  2024

Totally insane.  And totally hilarious.  You all know the story of Hamlet - but never has a plot line been followed by such gleefully drunken footsteps, singing all the way!  Picture the soliloquy don by Prince Hamlet with a back up male chorus chanting "Doo Waaah" at inappropriate intervals.  And how about Queen Gertrude, backed up by the female chorus [the "Elsinoritas,"of course], telling Laertes about Ophelia's dreadful death in a hand clapper called "Down, Down, Down the River!"?  Believe us, if you've always hated Shakespearean plays, you'll love this show, but paradoxically, if you've always loved Shakespearian plays, you'll love this show despite yourself!

Written by Monk Ferris - Directed by Scott Vander Waal

Presented at École Sécondaire Publique Odyssée Auditorium

May 1 - 5, 2024

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Gateway Theatre Guild holds a range of productions and performance events such as, in-person and virtual plays and performances, theatrical readings,  and outdoor community events. The Guild also offers workshops for people interested in developing theatre-related skills and/or getting involved in theatrical productions. Topics covered in recent workshops include musical theatre, stage design, lighting design, stage managing, directing, producing, stage combat, and laughter yoga.

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